Joy Of Living Happy Hour 

Meeets Daily At 5:30pm

Minutes 1/05/2024 Business Meeting

Officers in attendance:

Dan A - Chair

Liz - Alt Treasurer

John D - Service Chair

Pam D - Books and Coins Chair

Jo – Treasurer

Herb – GSR and Web Chair

Dan led the group in the Serenity Prayer.

Old Business - None

New Business: None


Secretary’s Report:  The Secretary’s report has been posted on the website for two weeks.  There being no changes, John moved we accept the report as posted.  The motion passed unanimously.

Service Chair Report – John D. reported that there is nothing new to report. 

Coins and Books Chair Report: Pam sent out seven coins and one Big Book.

GSR Report: District 20 is working to start A.A. meetings for the deaf, as this is a very underserved community in A.A.  Occurrences of alcoholism are as much as 35% higher than in the general population, so more meetings are needed.

Web Chair Report: Herb asked for suggestions on how the website can be improved. He also said that the website is carrying the message.  For example, the Daily Readings page has between seven hundred and eight hundred views every day.

Pam moved we accept. The motion passed unanimously.

Coins 7 coins and 1 Big Book

Treasurer Report: Jo reported that the transition from the old bank account to the new bank account is almost complete.  The Accounting for the month:

Month Period  12/01/23          12/31/23         

Deposit (GSB) Date     Amount   $52.00        



Balance forward- $500.00 deposit on 11/10/23          $500.00                      

7th Tradition Contributions     $52.00            

                        Total         $552.00     


Zoom   $0.00               Of note: $34.01 was taken out of the previous Citizen's Account

Coins and boooks        $0.00              


                        Total         $0.00         


Prudent Reserve          $200.00                      




                        Balance      $352.00   

                        Not counting reserve  


"Of note: Previous treasurer's account had a balance of $1768.00  This amount  was transferred into the current account on January 3, 2024 and will be reflected in the January Treasurer's report."

John moved we adjourn. Jo seconded.  Passed at 710.