Joy Of Living Happy Hour 

Meeets Daily At 5:30pm

Minutes JOL Happy Hour 2/2/2024 Business Meeting

Attendance: Dan A, Jess, Herb, Joann, Anne, Wendy, Pam D, Liz, John D 

6:33 . Dan opened with Serenity Prayer 

Old Business: No old Business 

New Business: Issue regarding term for the host Distribution of funds to GSO and Area 11 

Secretary Report: Jess made a motion to accept last month’s minutes and agenda. John D seconded. Passed unanimously. 

Service Chair: John announced that Michelle is the new substitute host. John made a motion to implement a 90 day requirement to be a Host. Dan made a motion to accept John’s report. Herb seconded, passed unanimously. 

Coins and Books: Pam D sent out 10 coins and 1 Big Book. Jess made a motion to accept, Dan seconded. Passed unanimously. 

Treasurer's Report: Attached Joann made a motion to increase the prudent reserve from $200 to $400. John seconded. Passed 8-1. Herb made a motion to distribute the remaining balance minus the prudent reserve 60% to GSO, and 40% to Area 11 . John seconded. Passed 7-2. 

GSR: Herb reminded us that Guilford is District 20 website address is This is meant to carry the message and make individuals aware of service opportunities as well as bring meetings to treatment centers, prisons, etc .John made a motion to accept, passed unanimously. 

Webchairr: Herb asked the group if anything should or needs to be added to the website. It was tabled for discussion at the next business meeting. Dan made a motion to accept, passed unanimously. 

7:15. Jess made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Dan seconded. Passed unanimously