Joy Of Living Happy Hour

Minutes 4/5/2024 Business Meeting


Officers: Dan A. /Chair, John D. & Liz /Service Chairs, Jo / Treasurer, Ann Z. /Secretary

Others: Dave B., Wendy, Diego, Sally R., John R., Daniel, Denise, Michele, Julia, Ed Jr., Lisa, Pat C. Ron P. Justine, Judy

Dan A. opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer

Old Business – none

New Business - Dave B. motioned to change the format of the Sunday night meeting from a “Speakers” meeting to an “AA Traditions” format. He highlighted the importance/helpfulness of discussions regarding the Traditions. John D. noted the current popularity of the Sunday speaker meetings and the recent broadening of the range of speakers that we hear from, i.e., form New Orleans and Canada. The motion was not seconded and did not pass.

Liz presented a suggestion made by a special session of the women’s breakout group to amend the Chairperson’s Opening Script. The group is recommending the inclusion of a statement about “women’s safety being an issue in AA” after the existing script sentence “If anyone needs help finding a sponsor, please talk to us after the meeting for more information.” Liz clarified that the statement was intended to refer to sponsor/sponsee relationships, which are currently recommended as women sponsoring women and men sponsoring men.

Dan A. expressed concern that there should be a transparent thorough discussion about the aspects of the process of proposing a substantive motion and its intent before moving forward with a motion to approve such new language. He noted that the group at large had not had the opportunity to review the motion or had a reasonable opportunity to share their views on the subject. After a review of Robert’s Rules, Dan shared that the Executive committee erred in disallowing the motion to be brought forward in this meeting. However, further discussion suggested that proposal needed to be more fully vetted and it may need to be more inclusive beyond the safety of women.

Here are additional points mentioned during the discussion:

· Denise suggested changing the wording from women’s safety to everyone’s safety.

· Wendy stated that women’s safety is an issue as women are more vulnerable than men. Women have been harassed and assaulted.

· Daniel pointed out that the current recommended practice of women sponsoring women and men sponsoring men doesn’t work for gay or binary genders. Men have been harassed by men.

· Michele noted that we must be very sensitive to gender.

· Judy agreed about women’s safety as well as everyone’s safety and asked if there is anything we could quote in existing text that would be more inclusive.

· Ed remarked that everyone has to protect each other and likes the intention to be all inclusive.

· Denise mentioned how Dave openly announced his proposal to change the format of the Sunday meeting at several meetings prior to the business meeting

as a possible model for future motions.

Sally R felt that, based on comments at this meeting, more time should be spent to work on the language of this important motion . Liz concurred. John D. proposed a motion to postpone action on today’s suggestion until the next meeting when new language is developed and the group is fully informed. The motion postpone this motion to the next meeting was assepted.

It was agreed that an open adhoc group of the Zoom group would work on the new language. Daniel would like to be part of any future conversation. Liz will facilitate participation of interested individuals. Secretary’s Report: Dan A announced that Ann Z. is the new Secretary going forward and starting with the 4/5/24 meeting. Lisa reported that the March meeting minutes were not yet posted on the Website but will be ASAP and a vote to approve those minutes will be deferred until the May meeting. Service Chair Report: John D. and Liz reported that all is good and there is nothing new to report. Coins and Books Report: Dan A. shared Pam D.’s report that 11 coins with cards had been sent out. No books were requested in March. The report was unanimously approved. Treasurer’s Report: Jo reported that the current balance for the Happy Hour Meeting is $277.72 (not counting the reserve of $400).$1,443.63 was deposited into the GSB account and Herb is closing out the old account at Citizen’s Bank. Jo noted that two outstanding checks to area 11 have not yet cleared and will check to confirm that they have not been lost. A motion to accept this report was unanimously accepted. Web Chair Report: None Adjournment: In closing the meeting, Dan A expressed his view that the new business discussion regarding adding further safety protection measures to the opening script was heartfelt, thoughtful and in good faith. A motion to adjourn was accepted.