Joy Of Living Happy Hour 

Meeets Daily At 5:30pm

Minutes 8/31/2021 Business Meeting

Joy of Living Happy Hour Group of Alcoholics Anonymous

Business Meeting August 31, 2021

Meeting convened at 6:30 pm

Adjourned 7:15 pm


  1. Introduction (Herb S.)
  • At its last business meeting, this group decided to establish itself as a new group, the Guilford Joy of Living Happy Hour Group of Alcoholics Anonymous, meeting at 5:30 pm, separate from the Guilford Joy of Living Group (7:30 am). Many of the rules and customs were carryovers from the morning meeting, so this business meeting was called to establish new rules for the newly-established group.
  1. Treasurer's report (Herb S.)
  • Income June-Aug 2021: $280.00
  • Expenses June-Aug 2021: $200.55
  • Surplus: $79.45
  • Surplus is split 60/30/10 District/State/GSO
  1. Chairperson requirements


  • Requirement will continue to be ninety days continuous sobriety; also that the person has not chaired in the previous month.
  1. Chair and host time periods


  • Chairs will serve for one calendar month. Each chair will train successor.
  • Hosts will serve for nine months, or until they need or want to pass the duty on to someone else. Each host will keep track of their time of service and will train successor. A host training/review/practice session for all current, new, and prospective hosts will be held on September 21, 2021.
  1. Speaker requirements


  • Speakers must have one year of continuous sobriety.
  1. Business Meetings


  • Business meetings will be held quarterly, beginning September 14, 2021, and continuing on the second Tuesday of each of the months December, March, June, and September.
  • At the next business meeting on September 14, officers will be elected. Job Descriptions can be found _________. Offices to be filled, with acting/interim officers listed, are:
  • GSR representative/meeting chair – open
  • Secretary – Terri S.
  • Treasurer – Herb S.
  • Service Coordinator – John D.
  • IT coordinator (help people with zoom technology and host training) – open
  1. Website

The group website is maintained by Herb S. The website includes useful background information, links to resources, daily readings/reflections, chair and host assignments, chair’s script, business reports, and other useful items.


  • Herb S. is elected as webmaster, and will continue to maintain the website.