Joy Of Living Happy Hour

Minutes 08/01/2023 Business Meeting

5:30 JOL Business meeting 8/1/2023

Attendance: Dan A, Jess, Liz, John D, Herb, Pam, Peg, Rich, Wendy

Opened with the Serenity prayer

Old Business: $100 donation to the AA Jacobs beach picnic. Herb made a motion to accept the donation, Peg seconded. Passed unanimously.

Dan made a motion to accept last month's minutes, Peg seconded. Passed unanimously.

New Business: Deb has resigned her position as GSR. Will be discussed at the next business meeting.

Dan made a motion to amend the minutes to explain the treasurer's report from last month: 60% to district. 30% to area 11 , and 10% to GSO. Peg seconded, passed unanimously.

Treasuers report: refer to attachment sent by Liz.

Service chair report: Defer to next month's meeting.

Coins and Books: Pam D sent out 5 coins for the month of July and 0 books. Peg made a motion to accept, Jess seconded. Passed unanimously.

GSR report: Defer to next month's meeting.

Jess made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:51 , Dan seconded. Passed unanimously.

Early Morning Zoomers August 19, 2023 Treasurer’s Report 

Bank Statement 7/31/23 Ending Balance 1523.

Deposits pending 200. Expenses Pending: 1050

EMR picnic 300.

Fourth Q. Donations: GSO 30% 225. Area 11 30% 225. Dist.19 40% 300. 

Balance 673. Minus Prudent Reserve 600. Available Balance $ 73.