July 11 2023 5:30 Business meeting

Attended: John R. John D. Jess, Liz, Dan A. Patrick S. Pam D.

Old business: No old business to discuss

New business: Liz made a motion to nominate Jess as the new secretary. Dan A. seconded, passed unanimously.

Deb: GSR is on vacation. Will give a report next month.

John D made a motion to accept last month's minutes. Dan A seconded. Passed unanimously

Liz had no treasurer report, will have in the next 24 hours. Dan A made a motion to accept the Distributions as follows: 60% 30% 10%. John D seconded. Passed unanimously.

John D. the service chairperson reported that unmuting yourself was a success as well as finding new chairpersons. Dan A. made a motion to accept, Jess seconded, passed unanimously.

Pam D reported that she sent out one Blg Book and four anniversary coins for the month. John D. made a motion to accept, Dan A seconded, passed unanimously.

Patrick S and Jess brought up making a contribution to the EMR picnic happening August 13th. We will follow up at the next meeting.

6:57 Jess made a motion to commence the meeting. Patrick S. seconded, passed unanimously.