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Minutes 03/01/2022 Business Meeting

5:30 Happy Hour Joy of Living Group

Business Meeting

March 1, 2022, 6:30pm

Meeting Minutes

Attending the Meeting:  Herb, Terri, Liz, John D., Deb, Pam, Sally R, Lisa U, Al D, Barb, Alex, Dan A, Jane, Tommy, Vickie O, Annie, Wendy

Open with Serenity Prayer

GSR Report:  Siobhan has volunteered to be the GSR representative.

Herb reports that the GSR is looking for more representation across all AA meetings. There is also a proposal at the GSR to divide District 4 since it is large.  Motion made to approve and was accepted unanimously.

Secretary Report: Deb reports that the Minutes from the February meeting are posted on the website. Motion made to approve the Feb Minutes and was accepted unanimously.

Treasurer Report: Presented by Liz. See attached for detailed treasurer’s report. Current balance is 790.21.  Treasurer’s Report was accepted unanimously.

Host Chair Report: John D reports all is going smoothly. Deb B has volunteered to join the host role.

  • A motion was made to revise the Chairperson’s Suggestions to read: “Try to call on people who raise their hand as well as people who do not.”  The motion was passed unanimously.

Coins & Books Chair Report: Terri reports that she sent out 6 coins and 1 Big Books in Feb. Pam (not present) has been sending out coins for 24-hr and first year month coins. Report accepted unanimously

Tonight’s Topics

  • Remove emails from list on website: Herb has removed email addresses from the Meeting website to protect members’ privacy.
  • Do we want to keep the Burning Desire in each meeting? After discussion, no motion was made to change our format. Burning Desires will remain a regular part of the meeting format.
  • A new mid-day meeting:
  • A motion was made and passed unanimously for the following:  A new AA meeting  will convene twice weekly at 12 noon, sponsored by the Joy of Living Meeting. This will allow for shared resources such as Zoom Room & treasury support. This new meeting/s will be sponsored by the Joy of Living Meeting for a trial period of 6 months.        

Meeting Adjourned at 7:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Deb B,  Group Secretary

Joy of Living Happy Hour

Treasurer’s report February 28 2022


Balance as of 1/31/22                                     $ 843.78


Feb Donations                                                   $ 178.31

Feb Expenses (zoom, coins, books)          $   31.88

Prudent reserve maintained                        $ 200.00


Currently Available:                                        $ 790.21