Joy Of Living Happy Hour 

Meeets Daily At 5:30pm

Minutes 10/03/2023 Business Meeting

Business meeting JOL Tuesday October 3 2023

Attendance: John D, John R, Sally, Dan A, Jess, Kathleen, Pam D, Pat C, Joanne, Rich, Kristiana, Liz, Wendy.

6:30 Dan A started with the Serenity Prayer.

Old Business: Jess made a motion to accept last month's minutes. Pat C seconded, passed unanimously.

There is an opening for the GSR position, Dan will be announcing the open position at the upcoming meetings.

New Business:

Dan A made a motion to nominate Joann as the new treasurer. Jess seconded the motion, passed unanimously. Joann accepted the position.

Rich made a motion to open up the chat during the meeting. No one seconded it, did not pass.

Treasurer Report: Please see attachment.

Service Report: John D announced that we are looking for a Tuesday night host.

Books and Coins: Pam D sent out three Big Books, seven anniversary coins, and one card.

GSR Report: No report.

6:52 John D made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Dan A seconded, passed unanimously.

Joy of Living Happy Hour Monthly Treasurer’s report

September 2023 (submitted Oct 3, 2023)

September Income (Donations) $ 190.00

September Expenses (zoom, books, picnic, distr) $ 34.01

Prudent reserve $ 200.00

July 31 balance (not counting reserve) $ -29.67

Current Available Balance (not counting reserve) $ 185.66