Joy Of Living Happy Hour 

Meeets Daily At 5:30pm

Minutes Guilford AA Happy Hour Business Meeting



Officers: Dan A.-Chair, John D.- Service Chair, Jo -Treasurer, Herb-GSR & Website Chair, Ann Z.- Secretary (Jess acted as secretary for the first part of the meeting.)

Others: Not recorded

Dan A. opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer,

Old Business: none

New Business: none

Secretary’s Report: Dan A. reported that the minutes for the 5/3/2024 Business Meeting had been posted on the group’s Website and asked for any comments. None were made and Dan made a motion to accept the minutes. The motion was seconded and the report was unanimously approved.

 Service Chair Report: John D. reported that Karen had recruited Justine as a substitute host and that all is still running smoothly. Dan motioned to approve John’s report, it was seconded and passed unanimously.

 Coins and Books Report: Dan A. shared Pam D.’s report that 2 coins with cards had been sent out. No books were requested in May. The report was unanimously approved.

 Treasurer’s Report: Jo reported that the current balance for the Happy Hour

Meeting is $500.70 (not counting the reserve of $400). $900.70 was deposited into the

GSB account. Income was reported for 7th tradition contributions ($116). One expense was reported for Zoom ($34.01).

Herb made a motion that the Joy of Living group distribute $500 of the remaining balance of to:


  • District 20: 20%
  • Area 11: 40%
  • GSO: 40%


Jo said that this could be done with no issues as the group’s 2nd Quarter contribution. (the 2nd quarter ends in June.). While all others voted to accept this motion, Dan vote against it, noting that this action would leave only $0.70 as a total balance beyond the reserve of $400. The motion did pass.

GSR Report: Herb reported that all GSR minutes are posted on the district web site:  He reported that these notes also go to people in prison, i.e. Whalley Ave., Niantic, CH hospital, who have weekly AA meetings. Herbs report was approved unanimously.

Web Chair Report:  Herb reported that he redesigned the JOL website because the software he had been using was out of date.  While the old software has been replace by a new modern system, the new site looks essentially the same, he reported. He also said he is always looking for suggestions to improve the site. Dan praised the site redesign as awesome, with great volume numbers of visitors. This report was unanimously approved.

 Adjournment: Dan asked if there was any other business to bring up. None was mentioned and the meeting was unanimously called to adjournment.


Treasurer’s Report Month Period 06/01/24 06/30/24

Deposit (GSB) $721.27


7th Tradition Contributions $155.00

Total $155.00


Zoom -$34.01

Coins and books $0.00

District 20 donation -$100.14

Area 11 donation -$200.28 *outstanding*

G.S.O. donation -$200.28

Expenses Total

Total -$534.71


Prudent Reserve $400.00

Balance $321.27

Not counting reserve