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Minutes 7/05/2022 Business Meeting

5:30 Happy Hour Joy of Living Group

Business Meeting Minutes

July 5, 2022

Attending the Meeting:  Herb, Terri, Liz, John D., Deb, Pam D, Brigitte, John R, Betsy, Wendy, Kathleen, Justine, Dan A

Open with Serenity Prayer

GSR Report:  Herb provided update on the redistricting progress for District 4. District 4 will likely be divided into 12 or 13 districts with Guilford being its own District. Once it happens, there will be many new service opportunities for members.

A motion was made to approve the GSR report and was accepted unanimously.

Secretary Report: Deb reports that the Minutes from the June Business meeting are posted on the website.  A motion was made to approve the June Minutes and was accepted unanimously.

Treasurer Report: Presented by Liz. See attached for detailed treasurer’s report. End of June balance is $1114.93. There was an open discussion about what percentages to donate to the State and to the GSO since postponing District 4 donations until the redistricting is finalized.   A motion was made to donate 10% to the State, 50% to the GSO, and set aside 40% for the new District.    The motion was accepted unanimously.  Treasurer’s Report was also accepted unanimously.

Host Chair Report: John D reports everything is running smoothly.  Deb shared that she cannot continue to host Tuesday evenings so that service opportunity will be open.  Hosting is a great service opportunity for people who have desktop or laptop computers and are computer savvy.  The group welcomes new Host volunteers and John is available to train.  Motion made to approve the Host Chair report and was accepted unanimously.

Coins & Books Chair Report:  Terri & Pam D co-chair & report that 6 coins went out in June (1 for a celebrant of 31 years). One Big Book was sent as well.  A motion was made and passed unanimously for a slight revision to the Chairperson’s script to make reference to anniversary coins.  Motion made to approve the Coins & Books Chair report and was accepted unanimously.

New Business:  Group Security issues discussed.  Recent inappropriate chats received in some groups required intervention by the Group Host to close down the chat and/or remove the disruptive person for that meeting.  The Host is responsible for keeping the meeting safe and focused on recovery. The Host will be supported in his/her decisions.  Herb volunteered to make a revision to the Chairperson’s script to clarify that inappropriate chats will not be tolerated and encourage members to contact the host if they receive an inappropriate text. 


Respectfully submitted, Deb B, Secretary

Joy of Living Happy Hour Monthly Treasurer’s report 

June 30 2022

Balance as of 5/31/22                                     $ 790.21

June Income (Donations)                                $ 164.00

June Expenses (zoom)                                     $   31.88

Balance Forward                                             $ 224.38

Current Balance                                             $1146.71



$ 484.00 total, all from donations


$   95.64 zoom

$   22.34 coins and books

$  117.88 total

Balance Forward: $780.59

Current Balance $1146.71 (Bank Balance is 1114.93, due to deposits pending)

Prudent Reserve Maintained: $200

To distribute: $946.71


Area 11 (state): $94.67

GSO: $473.35

Reserved for later Distribution:

District: 378.68

NOTES: Ordinarily, excess funds would be distributed at the end of the quarter to District 4, Area 11 (CT), and the GSO. In the past we have made this distribution as a spilt of 60/30/10, or 60% to District 4, 30% to Area 11, and 10% to the GSO. Two factors caused us to take a slightly different approach this quarter. 1) The GSO is very short on funds at present, so we are making a larger than usual distribution to the GSO, and 2) The Districts are due to be re-assigned in January, so we are reserving 40% of the available funds for distribution to our new district at that time.

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