Joy Of Living Happy Hour 

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Only Twelve Steps. In a day when we are exposed to fantastic statistics, ii mere dozen doesn’t seem to rate much. But what is involved in the Twelve Steps makes a great difference.

I can remember how thrilled my wife and I were when we saw each of our twins take the first step at eleven months. Soon, it was two steps, I hen three, then four, and in no time at all there was no way of counting I he steps they had taken. They were free— free to go on and on.

That first step is very important, whether it is the first step of a beloved child learning to walk—or the First Step, taken by a man on his way to a new life. Looking into my little ones’ faces, I can see the same qualities that we need for the Twelve Steps of A.A.: daring, to stake everything on the attempt; a sense of direction, to be followed with no swerving, no detour; decision, to move forward without hesitation or reservation; determination, to make it all the way. Destination: a full life, ii free life, a serene life. Albany, Australia